Cast-Me Project Prague City/Czech Republic

Kd-Media and my team drove to Prague/Czech Republic for a job that we were booked for. We can't reveal too much about the project yet but the teaser speaks for itself, as you can see. Our journey began at 4:30 in the morning. Our destination? The Capitol! Prague is a very controversial city. On one hand it appears gray and depressing but on the other it grabs you with it's cubistic art nouveau architecture. So it's a perfect place with perfect sceneries and settings.

As we arrived we parked next to a car which was broken into. I noticed that the same thing had happened to many other surrounding cars. So we figured: None of the equipment will be left behind! Fully packed with heavy bags and cameras we ventured out into the streets of Prague to find the famous Karls-Bridge where I wanted to let my drone take off. As we finally found the location the weather was not on our side and a storm pulled up that made it impossible to fly.

Time was running and we had to wrap the job up but the conditions left us no choice but to wait. Two hours later, as we felt barely motivated, sunbeams started to break through the clouds and saved the day. Immediately I fired up the drone and got some surprisingly good footage out of it. Bystanders who watched the shooting gave us tips about hotspots that we shouldn't miss. Locations which turned out to be incredible sceneries. Streets, alleys, parks, historical buildings that haven't been touched (restored) since they were built. Our actors, Nihat and model Estevano didn't give up on us despite the circumstances.

After a long day work we recuperated in a traditional Czech restaurant before driving home the same night because of obligations that we had the next day.


Although time was going against us we managed to shoot a lot of different sights and locations. The results are satisfying but the truth is: Time pressure is an art killer! So Prague: I will see you again and the outcome will be phenomenal!

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