"I always strive towards pushing visual
projects to the limit"

My name is Caner (30) and I live in Bavaria, Germany. At the age of only 12 on a cold Christmas Day I shot my first film which left many highliy impressed. Ambitious but only equipped with a digital camera I managed to shoot and direct a movie. I even had to run home in rain and snow, leaving 20 actors on set, just to download the footage from the memory cards and to recharge my camera.
But the end result still created quite a hype and enough positive feedback for me to figure out that this is my calling...

Cast-Me Project Prague City/Czech Republic

Kd-Media and my team drove to Prague/Czech Republic for a job that we were booked for. We can't reveal too much about the project yet but the teaser speaks for itself, as you can see. Our journey began at 4:30 in the morning. Our destination? The Capitol! Prague is a very controversial city. On one hand it appears gray and depressing but on the other it grabs you with it's cubistic art nouveau...

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